St. Peter’s

Welcome to St. Peter’s, Bourton on Dunsmore

St Peter’s serves the parish of Bourton on Dunsmore and Draycote, a parish with a strong farming background. Harvest is a popular service and Rogation and Lammastide have been important events in our calendar. A high proportion of village children attend Knightlow School, which represents a strong link between the church and the community.

A ‘Church in the Hall’ service is held each month in the local village hall, which was re-built in the early years of this century and provides wonderful community facilities. Community spirit in our villages is strong and the church is well valued by the community.

Our history

Bourton-on-Dunsmore is situated about six miles south of Rugby on the southern part of Dunsmore Heath, sloping south to a valley. The church here dates back to the 13th century. The parish, which includes the hamlet of Draycote, is an ancient one mentioned in the Domesday Book 1086. Bourton village is on the higher level (107m) and Draycote on the lower level (76m). Read more….

Contact us

Churchwarden: David Snead
01926 633755