St. Cuthbert’s

St. Cuthbert’s


Goodbye to St Cuthbert’s

A service of thanksgiving and communion was held on Saturday 1 June 2019 to mark the closure of St Cuthbert’s as a place of worship.  The building has now been sold and a new meeting place is planned at Knightlow Primary School in Stretton in the near future.


St. Cuthbert’s is situated at the crossroads of the Fosse Way, the Leamington Road and the Oxford Road. It has a relatively small in population (382 in 2001). The village contains areas of both social housing and private housing, with the main group of houses being near the church. There is a further area row of houses about 250 yards north of the village alongside the Oxford Road. These houses were built to serve the Princethorpe Priory and College. There are some older families in the village but most residents commute to and from the nearby towns with few working in agriculture.

The mission church of St Cuthbert uses the former trust school buildings. It is a very small church and is regularly used for worship but additionally it serves a very useful purpose as the church office for the larger Draycote group of Churches. There is a further Christian church at Princethorpe College for this is the regular centre for Roman Catholic worship in the area.

The original trust/national school closed in 1900 and the children went out of the village for their education. However the Princethorpe Priory and College established a Roman Catholic aided school which is attended both by the village children and those from the surrounding area who wish to use it.