Monthly letter

We are in a crisis greater than anything most of us have ever experienced. The Corona virus is having a profound effect on our communities, our families and friends and all of us as individuals. It is a fast-moving story and my thoughts today may not reflect the reality of what you, in turn, may be reading.

We are blessed to live in caring villages, where many people are reaching out in Christ-like love to support others. We should not forget our other neighbours who may be living in high density housing in our big cities. It is also hard to imagine the consequences of a pandemic spreading in countries with minimal health facilities or, closer to home, amongst the homeless in our own country.

Covid19 is bringing out the very best, and worst, of human nature, but maybe in the fullness of time there will be lessons to learn for us all. Satisfying our wants rather than our needs is the opposite of the example of Christ.

It is sad, particularly in the season of Lent, that our church buildings are closed to shared worship. We live in a world where our spiritual needs, to some extent, can also be met through online platforms. I would urge you to explore these options.

What more is God calling us to do? Please feel free to contact your churchwarden[s] if you have any thoughts or ideas about this.

Finally, we should not forget that we have hope. That is the message of the good news of Easter. Why not light a candle and reflect on the light that God can bring to us?

Every blessing on you all.
Dick Withington,
St Leonard’s Birdingbury

While our churches are closed Rev David Shaw is writing a short homily to distribute each Sunday.  If you would like to receive a copy please contact your church warden.

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