Monthly letter

Dear Friends

I do hope that you have had a happy and healthy start to 2019.  I wonder, did you make any new year’s resolutions? And if so are you still following them? Sometimes we put a lot of pressure on ourselves and then feel disappointed if we don’t follow them through. Resolutions are sometimes easier to keep if we work at them with friends, so I’d like to share some of my ‘sort of’ resolutions.

One of the things that I have felt very strongly about is trying to offer more in the way of hospitality and opportunities for people to come together in our communities. Fortunately, this resolution has been shared by a small team of people who have decided to offer a light afternoon tea once a month at All Saints Church. This will be an opportunity for people to gather and enjoy some tea and cake for an hour before our Evening Worship service, on the third Sunday of the month starting at 4.45pm and ending at 5.45pm so there is no obligation to stay for the service.

We are hoping, that if the community tea is successful that we might be able to offer a monthly Sunday light lunch too, but that is still in the planning stage. But if you think that might be a good idea or something that you would be interested in helping with, please do let me know.

And finally, we are also in the process of putting together a team of pastoral visiting volunteers who would visit people at home. The volunteers would be appropriately trained and would be part of a team from across the Draycote Benefice who would visit people on my behalf. If this is something that you too may have a heart for, there is a meeting planned for Tuesday 5th March at 7.30pm at All Saints church.  Do come along and find out more or contact me to have a ‘no-obligation’ chat.

So, my hope for all of us is that 2019 brings us closer as a community, supporting each other through all the joys and sadness that life throws at us. We are all made for relationship so perhaps we can resolve together to build new relationships across our communities.

God bless