Monthly letter

Dear All

I’ve so enjoyed starting to get to know some of you since I was licensed on 11th January. I’ve been so impressed with what I have seen so far and so touched by the warm welcome that my family and I have received.

I am very aware that I have 8 parishes to care for and it’s going to take me a long time to properly get to know and understand how everything works in all the parishes. I thought it would be helpful if we carried out a ‘Worship Survey’ across the two benefices to get a better idea of where people are at.

The following questionnaire is intended to give me a snapshot of what people in the various congregations think and feel about Church. There’s no agenda to any of the questions, other than to get a better idea of what people think. There is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions and no-one is being judged on what comes back.

This is primarily to help me to get a better understanding of the different congregations a little bit quicker. Having said that, I do hope that the information collected in the survey will be useful as we plan what our ministry together looks like. The survey is not intended to be a manifesto to start changing lots of things, but I do hope that in the future as we try to discern where God is leading us the answers that you give in this questionnaire will be a valuable resource.

I don’t want this questionnaire to be a burden, so I have tried to stick to simple tick box questions. Printed copies will be made available so people without access to a computer and printer can complete it and return it to me (either in person or through the mail to: Clydfan, Main Street, Thurlaston, CV23 9JS). A link will be available so you can fill it in on a computer and e-mail it to If you could return your completed form to me by Sunday 6th March I would really appreciate it.

Again thank you for your welcome and an advanced thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire which will really help me as I settle in as your new Priest-in-Charge.

God bless


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