Compost toilet

St. Nicholas Church, Frankton has until recently been like many historic rural churches in having no toilet facilities. Following some research the PCC resolved to install a composting toilet in the church grounds to the North of the tower. The twin vault composting toilet was sourced from a specialist manufacturer in Mid-Wales and after the necessary approvals had been obtained (planning and DAC) a small team of local volunteers set about the process of collecting the components, from Shropshire and Mid-Wales, lifting them over the wall at the back of the church, excavating the hole for the vault and installing the vault and superstructure to provide a fully functional and fully disabled accessible toilet discreetly located behind the church.

The very wet weather through 2012 did cause some delays but highlighted the benefit of the flexibility of the local team to take advantage of weather opportunities and the final landscaping has now been completed as the ground conditions have been more favourable in 2013. The ‘official’ service of dedication took place on Sunday 8th September 2013, when the Bishop of Coventry, the Rt Revd. Dr. Christopher Cocksworth officiated.

This has been an inspiring example of a variety of local people offering their services for the benefit of the local community, including local farmers with machinery for lifting, others with machinery for digging and of course manual labour for various tasks involved in the construction and commissioning of the toilet

The use of a composting toilet at this location is considerably more economical than attempting to install a water closet toilet instead. It negates the need to provide a water supply and a sewer connection, each of which would have run into thousands of pounds without considering the cost and other implications of construction of an actual toilet. An incidental benefit is that there is no need for concern for frozen water pipes and the like.

Anyone considering a similar project and requiring further information should contact either Churchwarden at St. Nicholas or George Browning (01926 632246)