Birdingbury Remembers


In our small country church we wanted to reflect rural life by creating a ‘garden of remembrance’; and inviting visitors to take a walk through it whilst reflecting on the impact of war. Garden arbours were decorated with poppies and bunches of rosemary, and over 100 villagers were involved in creating over 2500 poppies; all different, all unique, just like those who gave their lives for their country. This included 900 poppies to create a poppy field in our churchyard.
This village has a great love of animals so we created an area where visitors could reflect on a display of purple poppies representing animals lost in conflict.
In the chancel and altar area of the church we sought to envision a world where people live and work together in a spirit of kindness, cooperation and reconciliation. White poppies were used to invite visitors to reflect on this, and consider making their own commitment to work for a peaceful tomorrow where justice and equality prevail. Prayer stations provided activities to support reflection and the village History Group exhibited information about those from the village who served, and were lost, in World War 1.
Karen and Julie