Reflections on the ‘shut down’

by Douglas Hutchinson

The past few weeks have, I feel, given me a new perspective. Some things don’t seem to matter so much now, and others have become more important.   I can see that being busy and efficient are not always the first priorities in this current situation, but understanding and kindness have to take precedence.  Activities do not need to be useful in order to be valuable.

Jesus was constantly clashing with the Pharisees over this question of priorities.  They idolised their external regulations, paying detailed attention to washing and eating rituals and they overlooked the hidden essentials of gentleness and love.

When this situation is over, as it surely will be, shall we return to ‘same old, same as’ or will things be different?  Will we continue to look after our neighbours and to appreciate what others are doing or will it be the “same old” attitude to others?  My sincere hope is that it will not.  And will we learn from this time?

At the moment we may feel stuck at home but we are safe at home.   We are currently living through history.   So how will you remember it?

“In the evening of life we shall be judged not on our successes but how we have loved”
St. John of the Cross

1 thought on “Reflections on the ‘shut down’”

  1. Lovely reflections Douglas! Thank you!
    The words of St John of the Cross are so what we should all be aiming for during this lockdown: to love one another!
    Thank you for reminding me of this Douglas! With love Maureen xx


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