Quiet afternoon in Birdingbury

When did you last truly relax? We don’t really do we? We are busy people, leading busy lives, with busy families doing busy things. Busy, busy, busy…..

Recently I decided to host two quiet afternoons at my home, for local friends who lead busy lives, particularly those who give time to help and support others. My gift to them was the opportunity to spend an afternoon in my home truly relaxing in a quiet calm environment.

The first afternoon, the weather was beautiful which made relaxing in the garden everyone’s first choice. Seating was available in sunny or shady areas, refreshments available as were books, magazines, music, adult colouring books – all to aid relaxation. The two hours flew by and, as we gathered to share thoughts and some music, we agreed we all felt calmer and more peaceful, ready to return to our normal lives, but perhaps with a sense of determination to make more time for ourselves.

We finished by enjoying the fellowship between us, whilst partaking of afternoon tea; sandwiches, scones and small cakes.

On the second Quiet afternoon, the rain was coming down heavily. We all remained indoors, where I created various quiet areas for relaxation, using scented candles and lighting and even a log burner! We finished by joining together again for afternoon tea.

Further quiet afternoons will take place in the autumn, including a weekend date for those who work during the week.

Do contact me if you’re interested.

Karen Armbrister, Church Warden