Key Stage 1 Wedding at Knightlow School

Everything was ready; the church vacuumed and tidied, projector and screen up, organist in place, and a quiet calm drifted around the peaceful interior of All Saint’s Church, Stretton.

Then we heard it, getting louder and louder, the sound of children’s voices and the ever present ‘that’s enough talking thank you; keep with your partner’ booming out from a harassed teacher, trying to keep the Key Stage 1 pupils from drifting into the road as they negotiated the tricky and narrow pathway up to church.

The bridegroom and best man are nattily dressed in full morning suits with top hats, the ushers are smart, the bridesmaids are beautiful and the bride’s mother can just about be seen under the brim of an ENORMOUS hat. The event of the year; the Key Stage 1 wedding in church!

Everyone takes their seats and there is an excited hum of chatter as we wonder if the bride will be late, will the dress fit, will she turn up?

No need to worry. She arrives at the door, on the arm of her 8 year old Father, and looks radiantly beautiful in white lace. Those last minute biscuits have not had a negative effect on the dress fitting. Her flowers are pink and white and in a beautiful posy; a perfect size for her little gloved hands.

Our organist, Brian, bursts into the wedding entrance march and a very hurried march up the aisle follows. The wedding party is welcomed by Revs David and Louis (taking his first wedding) wearing matching surplices and stoles.

And so we enter into the wedding service. Rev David explains about marriage; what it means to us and to God. We sing magnificently (Sing Hosanna! Shine, Jesus shine and Love in my heart), vows are declared and made, rings exchanged and prayers beautifully spoken by members of the congregation. We hear the bible reading about the wedding at Cana that Jesus attended with his Mother, Mary, where he turned the water into good wine.

The happy couple, smiling shyly at each other, sign their wedding certificate along with the witnesses; the bride’s mother sniffles neatly into a lace handkerchief and it’s done! We cheer and Brian launches into the traditional wedding march as the wedding party hurtle back down the aisle in a dash for the squash and cake reception back at school.

Beautifully delicious cup cakes, a top table and guest tables, a choice of lemonade or water and the day was complete. Excellent photography by a parent and hospitality by the Parents Association; the day was enjoyed by everyone present.

We were so pleased to be asked to organise a ‘mock’ wedding for the younger pupils at our village school as they learn about relationships, love and commitment. A marvellous educational and learning experience thoroughly enjoyed by all. It’s the baptism next, but we will probably wait until the Spring Term for that!