Celebrate@4 at Christmas

We gathered in the village hall to do some messy family Christmas crafts and cooking including table decorations, decorating Christmas jumper biscuits, making sugar mice, stained glass windows and reindeer handprints. We also finger tip painted manger pictures and wrote prayers. Busy, busy, busy! 

Following the activities we gathered for a Celebrate@4 service, led by Karen, with readings from Marcus and Bertie Critchley and Daisy Thompson. We watched some Christmas adverts then thought through the realities of the nativity story, assembled the crib set, and sung ‘Away in a manger’ to a wonderful flute accompaniment from Yvonne McElwaine. Prayers led by Fiona Willoughby and Alex Suffell with tea lights lit to represent Jesus being the light of the world, rousing carols and a meaningful video depicting Jesus’ life from crib to cross brought our Christmas service to a close. And it only took 45 minutes! 

We meet again on January 23rd at the hall in Bourton. Why not come and give it a try? You’d be warmly welcomed and you could even bring a friend or two!