Birdingbury Art Festival 2015

We were delighted whe one of our village teenagers, Jess Armbrister, asked us if she could organise an art exhibition in church over the Bank Holiday weekend. Jess is hoping to study History of Art at university, and is currently studying the subject to A level which she’ll take next year. She’d like to work , at some stage, in the art world, curating and managing galleries and exhibitions.

The end result took place this weekend with 26 exhibitors isplaying art forms including paintings in acrylic, oils and watercolours, pictures using vintage fabrics, drawings in fine pen pencil, and charcoal; embroidery, tapestry, quilting, silk painting, woodwork, glass etching andphotography. All the exhibitors live in the village and range in age from teenagers to senior citizens! Over 60 works of art were on display.

Friday evening saw 65+ guests attending a ticketed preview evening, where wine and canapés were served, and the church buzzed with conversation, laughter and gasps of admiration for the talent displayed. During the weekend around 70 entries were made in the visitors book as people came to enjoy a first, or repeat look at the work. Saturday’s weather was lovely and the churchyard made a quiet and peaceful venue to enjoy the refreshments on offer.

With thanks to Jess and the PCC’s Peter Law, who provided support and guidance, for a wonderfully creative use of our church building, and for your generous donation to church funds from the profits made.

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