Birdingbury Palm Sunday

We were blessed with a wonderful bright Spring morning for our annual procession with Petrel and Mouse, donkeys belonging to Peter and Sue Law. They munched happily on the grass by the War Memorial as we gathered and raised our palm crosses for blessing by Revd David Shaw. As we walked we sang ‘Ride on, ride on in majesty!’ a great hymn for Palm Sunday. We stopped for a breather, and a rest for some, by the Bus Shelter and listened to Bryan read a passage from Mark’s Gospel about how Jesus rode triumphantly into Jerusalem to the cries of ‘Hosanna, Hosanna, here comes the king!’ More singing ‘make way, make way’ as we made our way up the hill to finish our service in Church. Petrel and Mouse were rewarded with several carrots and a munch on the grass in the churchyard. That’s one way to keep the grass down!