Birdingbury Carol Service

Of all our Christmas services, this is our most well attended by families of all ages; over 70 people attended in total this year. It’s a lovely service held at 430 pm when lanterns are used to light the path down to the church. There is always a creative telling of the Christmas story and this year was no different. Several children and adults had answered the call for volunteers, and you can see our talented team of all ages rehearsing in these photos. This years offering, entitled ‘Little Donkey’s long walk’ had Billy Flint playing the part of a little donkey who followed his mother to Bethlehem. His friend, Cat, played by Evie Stuart, had tempted him to disobey his mother and take off after her. Along the way, they heard about a band of angels (Gaynor, Mel and Jan) who had told of a special birth and after meeting up with 4 sheep ( Rees And Ellie Moor, Josh and Jake Thomas) and following a bright shining star (Erin Flint) the animals all headed to Bethlehem together. When they arrive, the inn keepers dog (Jess Markham) is able to reconcile them with Mother Donkey (Liz Ellis)  who tells them that a Saviour has been born.

Excellently narrated by Millie East-Nuttall, Jess Armbrister and Anna Markham, the congregation responded warmly to the children’s efforts. Our crib, set up in memory of his parents, by David Harrison, made a lovely focal point for the story and the whole cast gathered round at the end, with other children, lighting candles to sing a song composed by our Organist, Bryan Tompkins, ‘Gods greatest gift’ and the classic ‘Away in a manger’. Reverend Barbara led us in prayer as we held in our thoughts all those for whom Christmas time is difficult or sad. After the service we enjoyed mulled wine, mince pies and biscuits and the church buzzed with laughter and conversation.