Stretton’s Pet Service

June is the month when we hold our Pet services in the Draycote Group and at Stretton on 13th June, we were fortunate with the weather, as the service is held outside in the churchyard. The dog certainly seems to be the favourite pet in the village, our five canine representatives all behaved beautifully, in spite of the presence of Alex’s small white hamster which some of the dogs thought would have made a tasty titbit!

Pet owners spoke movingly of their relationships with their pets, stressing their importance as faithful, trusting companions. Barbara brought along a picture of her pet Kune Kune pig, a highly domesticated breed of pigs from New Zealand. The southern hemisphere was also represented by a magnificent life size stuffed penguin, called Saunders, from the Falkland Isles.

Surrounded by the insects and birds in the sunshine of the churchyard, the congregation joined together to thank God for the amazing variety of animals in the world and to pray that mankind may treat them well.